Weekend Coffee Share (WCS)

Hello and welcome to the Linkups page of Natalie The Explorer blog! I have been hosting the weekly Weekend Coffee Share (WCS) blog linkup since January 2021. Starting November 11, 2022, I combined Marsha’s Photographing Public Art Challenge (PPAC) with WCS under WCS linkup.

Before you join, please read the following WCS guidelines:

  • Who: This weekly linkup is open to everyone.
  • What: Topics are open. Positivity is appreciated.
  • Where: On this blog Natalie The Explorer.
  • When: Any time between 8 a.m. Friday and 5 p.m. Sunday (Toronto time).
  • Why: A space to share what’s been happening, highlights or simple joys.
  • How: Use the Inlinkz link provided to join the party or leave the link to your Weekend Coffee Share post in a comment below my weekly WCS post. I will be flexible in the way I title my posts.

To join the Weekend Coffee Share linkup:

  1. Link one post and include a link back or pingback to my WCS post.
  2. Read my post and leave a comment. Links from bloggers who join without leaving me a comment will be removed from the linkup.
  3. Read one or more of the participating WCS blogs and leave a comment.

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Photographing Public Art Challenge (PPAC)

I invite you to join in the fun of photographing public art where you find it – at home or in your travels.

  • There is no PPAC prompt or theme. Existing WCS participants are free to participate without any PPAC entries and PPAC participants are free to participate with one or more images of public art without writing their post as a coffee share.
  • Public art: Art should be freely visible from a public street, freeway, or walkway or inside a publicly accessed building like a library. If you pay, it is not public. Examples: Benches, bridges, buildings, fountains, murals, sculptures, seasonal displays, statues, store windows, street art. Photographers should have free access of use for their photos – no copyrights by the artists.
  • Join the linkup using the InLinkz button at the end of my WCS post. If you prefer to leave a comment with your link, be aware that a link in my Comments section requires moderation and is less visible to participants who use InLinkz.

I read all participating blogs and reply to comments left on my blog. I prioritize my visits and leave comments for bloggers who take the time to leave me a comment. Thank you.

As the owner of the blog and the host of the linkup, posts that I deem to be unsuitable for my audience will be deleted without notice. These may include ads, “drop and run” links, promotions, and any that are offensive in nature, overly political or religious.

I used to host the monthly Wellness Wednesday and Wellness Weekends series. I merged the series with the weekly Weekend Coffee Share in 2021.

Guest Posts and Interviews

Here’s the list of guest posts and interviews that I have done:

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