Hello and welcome to the Wellness page on Natalie the Explorer blog!

Wellness Weekend 2020 is a wellness blog link-up series with a monthly theme. On the 3rd Sunday of every month in 2020, I write a post to share a wellness-related story or experience.

Any blogger is welcome to participate and interpret the optional prompt with their photos, poems, stories, music, etc. If you share the posts, please use hashtag #ww2020. The link-up dates and optional prompts are as follows:

  1. Sunday January 19: Warm-up
  2. Sunday February 16: Hiking
  3. Sunday March 15: Spring forward
  4. Sunday April 19: Water sport
  5. Sunday May 17: Commitment
  6. Sunday June 21: Mind exercise
  7. Sunday July 19: Fun activity
  8. Sunday August 16: Flexibility
  9. Sunday September 20: Balance
  10. Sunday October 18: Walking
  11. Sunday November 15: Peace
  12. Sunday December 20: Wrap-up

My current wellness routine includes:

  • Greet every new day with a smile.
  • Meditate 15 minutes daily.
  • Walk outdoors 5-6x per week, one hour each time.
  • Do strength workouts 3x per week, one hour each time.
  • Practice yoga 3x per week, one hour each time.

I’ve been living a car-free lifestyle for many years. I enjoy walking and use public transit when needed. During the fair weather months, I try to make time for seasonal activities such as cycling.

I started learning and practicing Ashtanga yoga in the mid-1990’s for close to ten years. I switched to Hatha yoga and have been enjoying it since.

I keep track of my wellness activities on a simple sheet. I’m committed to stay fit and try to be consistent with my wellness routine even when I travel.

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to meeting you at the blog link-up.