Outside the Box | St. John’s

It’s been a good week with a few simple joys:

  • Sunny Sunday and Monday
  • Cycling and walking outdoors
  • Watching beautiful winter birds in the harbour
  • A walk and coffee catch up with a friend
  • Chatting with family and a longtime friend
  • Discovering new public art
  • Finishing a good book and starting another good book
  • Organizing my digital images (see below)

I organized my digital images of public art into themes and will post them in small batches. I named one of my themes Outside the Box for all sorts of painted boxes. Here’s the first batch.

Outside the Box

I photographed the following five utility boxes when I went for a walk in St. John’s, Newfoundland. There are seven images since the “Jellybean Houses” utility box has different paintings on three sides.

Picture 1: This is the front view of the utility box with painted houses and doors on actual doors.

Jellybean Houses – front

Picture 2: Side view of the same utility box. I like the painted flowers at the bottom. There is an actual green door behind the box, to the left of the picture.

Jellybean Houses – side

Picture 3: The back of the same utility box. Again, I like the painted shrubs and flowers at the bottom.

Jellybean Houses – back

Picture 4: An octopus in nice water bubbles.


Picture 5: Quidi Vidi is a picturesque neighbourhood in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Quidi Vidi

Picture 6: These two boxes together show St. John’s Harbour. The wall behind them is a mural of sea life.

St. John’s Harbour

Picture 7: A violinist in bright colours; a sample of the rich music culture in St. John’s.


As I reviewed my pictures, I am reminded that travel provides many gifts: Anticipation before the trip, participation during the trip and recollection after the trip. Going through my pictures brought back fond memories of my walk in St. John’s.

Where Are the Doors?

The paint hides the door handles and locks on these utility boxes. They are there if you look closely. Visit Dan’s Thursday Doors for more door photos.

Weekend Coffee Share

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