Murals at Marilyn Bell Park

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Week 3/ 52

I hope you’ve had a good third week of January. From Sunday night through to Monday afternoon, a winter storm brought about 33 cm (13 inches) of snow to downtown Toronto. From Tuesday on, it’s been back to normal winter conditions.

Last week I shared dinosaur and whale murals at Budapest Park. Today I’d like to share three beautiful murals at Marilyn Bell Park and Lakeshore Boulevard Parklands. Their vibrant colours would catch your attention.

The murals were painted on rectangular storage buildings by professional artists. The storage buildings with locked doors look like utility sheds or tool sheds for Parks employees to store their tools for park maintenance. They vary in size. Each has four sides so it’s actually four murals per storage building.

Bee and Butterfly Murals

The Bee and Butterfly murals are on two storage buildings located side by side at east end of Marilyn Bell Park. Two artists painted them with a theme of plants and pollinators.

  • Artist: Katrina Canedo @Kat_Cee painted the bigger and more colourful building.
Butterfly mural
South wall – Butterfly mural on locked doors with artist’s name at the top right corner
Bee on flower mural
North wall – Bee on flower
Flower and leaves
East wall – Flower and leaves
Flowers and leaves
South West corner shows flowers and leaves on the West wall
  • Artist: Hanna Brasly or Bee Fawn @bee_fawn painted the smaller building with the white background.
Honeycomb on locked doors
South wall – Honeycomb on locked doors
Bee and honeycomb
North wall – Bee and honeycomb
East wall – Plants with flowers
Plants with flowers
West wall – Plants with flowers and artist’s signature

Cyborg Mural

This mural makes a bold statement. The longer I study the four sides, the more I admire the artwork.

  • Artist: Gabriel Kizmet @Kizmet32
  • Mural location: Lakeshore Boulevard Parklands, west of Marilyn Bell Park
Cyborg hand painted on a locked door
North wall – Cyborg hand painted on a locked door
Cyborg eye
South wall – Cyborg eye
Cyborg head
East wall – Cyborg head
Cyborg mural
West wall – Cyborg mural

Marilyn Bell Park and Lakeshore Boulevard Parklands are beautiful parks with lots of green space, big trees, picnic tables, tennis courts, a disc golf course, a boardwalk, and fantastic views of Lake Ontario. These vibrant murals bring art and add visual interests to the parks.

Which mural is your favourite?

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